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Two years ago we opened our completely online Salsa Dancing School, known affectionately as "Salsa BootCamp".

This website now has hundreds of online videos,
immediately available, teaching everything from beginning to very advanced Salsa Dancing, as well as Bachata, Merengue, Cha Cha, Tango, Mambo, Styling, and More!

 SalsaBootCamp offers students this and so much more...and you're just moments from getting unlimited access.

It was, and still is the largest online dance school on the internet, and a HUGE hit with everyone that tries it! 

See what we've been up to this past year, and where we are going. . .

Phase 1: The Beginning

SalsaBootCamp started off with a simple mission: 

  • Give its viewers access to Salsa Lessons for all skill levels so that everyone has a chance to improve. 
  • Provide world-class instruction for all levels. From beginners, all the way up, there is something for everyone.
  • Provide Tons of Interesting and Relevant Articles about major Salsa Festivals, Dance Tips, and More

This was our main goal.  To make a member site dedicated to all things salsa dancing. 

We know that not everyone has the type of schedule where they can easily go to group Salsa Dancing Lessons, or the money to afford private lessons.

With SalsaBootCamp, members can learn on their own time, for an incredible price (less than half the price of a single private lesson).  Whether it be the middle of the night, lunchtime, or the crack of dawn, we will always be a click away, ready to teach. 

SalsaBootCamp Members get 2 free DVDs in the mail...  Join now and receive 2 Free SalsaBootCamp DVDs!

"I am very Happy indeed to be a member of Salsa Boot camp. I have learned so much through the is so nice to watch, and then practice the steps. Most amazing to me is the free DVD I received, to me it is like Christmas. I can hardly wait to watch it. So keep up the good work, and hope to receive another. Thank you so much, a very happy student."

Valerie V. (Ontario, Canada)

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Phase 2:  The Present

Hundreds of videos and a whole Salsa Dance community later, SalsaBootCamp has evolved into something we are really proud of.  Just look at all the ways we've expanded. . .

  • We have really perfected the art of teaching beginners how to dance salsa step by step with incredible focus and clarity.  We guide students of all levels to not only become incredible dancers, but to exude the passion, skill, and playfulness that allows everyone to connect to the music + their partners in the finest way possible.  "There's simply nowhere else in the world you can find this."
  • Free DVD's!  That's right, members of SalsaBootCamp now get 2 Free Salsa DVDs which feature all our instructors teaching their favorite moves and giving helpful hints and tips that will really improve your salsa dancing skills.  If you join today, you will get the 2 DVDs in the mail for FREE!
  • Tons of new Salsa Dancing Lessons featuring a whole team of incredibly skilled, passionate, and dedicated dance instructors.  These lessons cover moves for the absolute beginner all the way up to a highly advanced level.  Our teachers make sure to break down every move from many different angles, and provide tons of tips to make sure you don't miss a thing.
  • Now SalsaBootCamp has a video store offering our Entire Internationally Acclaimed DVD Catalog from  Become a member and instantly receive up to 50% off discounts on any video or package.  These DVDs cover Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Latin Styling, and all of the main Ballroom Dances (Swing, Rumba, Foxtrot, & Waltz).  
  • Revised lessons with clear lighting and crisp, clear, professionally recorded sound to make sure you can see everything
  • Why stop at just Salsa?  Our lessons now include whole sections on Bachata, Merengue, Cha Cha, On2 Salsa (Mambo), Tango, Footwork, Styling, and More...
  • Having trouble feeling the beat?  No Problem!  Now we have several videos that break down all of the Latin percussion instruments and rhythms, and show you exactly what to listen for to count the beat.

Our Lessons Help You Improve Exponentially In Between Classes, And Give Everything You Need To Attain That Natural and Fun Professional Look.

“...good teacher and since I don't have a partner to practice with I can use your online vids to spiffy up what I teach in my local Salsa classes! Very inspiring and really good. I will also recommend my students to your site when I'm done teaching them the basics so they can see your vids and progress themselves."  

 C. (United Kingdom)

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Phase 3:  The Future

Still want more?  You got it!  We are already hard at work building and improving our site based upon the requests of our members.  We respect our customers, and we take their critiques very seriously.  That is why you can expect all of the following features and more coming very, very soon:

  • Bigger Videos!  We are expanding all of our online video sizes to be HUGE (twice the size as last year.)  This will allow viewers some extra detail to ensure that they can really see how each move should look.
  • A whole new section on Salsa Styling featuring the amazing Seaon Stylist, who just joined our SalsaBootCamp Team.  He will really show you how to break down every step, and give it that truly authentic and professional touch.
  • A whole line of Advanced Salsa Moves from the SalsaIsGood team of Austrailia.  Learn tons of hot and sexy salsa moves from these videos which were shot on location at some of the most beautiful landscapes in Australia.  Its Advanced Salsa and a geography lesson all in one!
  • Once you become a member, you will eligible for all kinds of cool prizes and contests.  We're going to be offering a Free Cruise Vacation pretty soon to our members along with lots of other cool prizes.

And of Course. . .

  • New Videos all the time with the best instructors.  That means every section of our site is continuously growing.  From beginner's salsa moves, to intermediate and advanced patterns.  Not to mention constantly added videos for styling, and all of the other Latin dances such as bachata, merengue, cha cha, tango, and more. 
  • A continuously growing community - With new people joining everyday, that means members have to ability to get in contact with countless amounts of dancers.  Find out what dancers are in your local area, find out the best clubs to go to, fun places to dance on vacation, and even get tips and encouragement from other members in similar positions.
  • Up to date information on all kinds of Salsa Events, Videos, and More!  Members not only get the insider's edge on videos and tips, but also get to be in the know about all kinds of great events.  Salsa Dance Cruises, Fun Parties, Salsa Congresses, and more.  Find out about at all, and Dance like Crazy! :)

We Adore Teaching So Much, You'll Feel Like You Are Taking Live Lessons. . .

“I Received the DVDs and just love them. It's as though I'm taking lessons from the instructor who teaches groups at the local salsa clubs i.e. They're excellent."

Thanks so much!
Dianna (Reading, PA)

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So, what is SalsaBootCamp? It's an online dance school, which means, online video, that plays over your computer.  Our students pay a monthly fee, and we constantly add new content and release new DVDs, all of which we make available to our members.

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“Salsa Bootcamp is GREAT. The instructional Videos are precise and very easy to follow. I learn something new from each one, and because I manage a Dance Studio, I have seen a lot of different methods of teaching, but I like these the best. I always learn something new.

Thanks so much for all you do to keep this wonderful site going...I recommend it to everyone! Been waiting for the 15th (payday) and I will definitely be joining.

Thanks so much for all you do to keep this wonderful site going...I recommend it to everyone!

Betty Norman
(Oklahoma City)


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SC (Evan Margolin)

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Common Questions and Answers:

How Long will this Amazing Offer Last?  Not long.  Supplies are very limited, and although we'd like to do this forever, we know this won't be possible. That's why we offer a free trial to make this completely safe for you.  Don't let anything stop you, be a member today in just 5 minutes.

Do I need a Partner for SalsaBootCamp? Just as in our DVDs it helps to have a partner to practice with, however, unlike our DVDs, we teach a lot of solo footwork, solo patterns and even solo dance workouts, so you do not need a partner for SalsaBootCamp.

Is there any reason I wouldn't do this? No, No, and Yes!  It's a great offer, but if you don't have high speed internet, it would boil down to just a few free DVDs, and another free DVD every few months or so. It might still be worth it, but since you won't be able to use the Online School, you really have to decide for yourself.  This offer is for people with a computer, and at least a moderate internet connection (dial up works, but it's a little slow).  

How Will Salsa Change YOUR Life?

Here are the Benefits YOU Can Expect in YOUR Life When You Learn to Salsa:

v      Increased Confidence: You’ll improve the way you see yourself as you learn a new skill, acquire better coordination, tone your body, lose weight, become more limber, meet new people, learn cool dance steps, make more friends

v      Improved Attitude: You’ll be able to relieve or eliminate depression and low spirits, and lift up your mood with the social environment, the physical movements, the music, the dance, and the absolute fun of it all

v      Enhanced Health: You’ll strengthen and tone your muscles, increase your circulation, help keep your heart strong, get rid of excess weight, improve your overall health

v      Greater Coordination: You’ll gain greater control over your body, learning how to move with grace and poise, skill and assurance, and all in a surprisingly short period of time

v      Better Relationships: You’ll strengthen and deepen the bonds between friends, between lovers, and between people you’ve just met and people you’ve known for decades

v      Great Social Life: You’ll meet new friends and romantic partners—quality people who enjoy life--all in a safe and fun environment

There are more benefits, of course. Lots more. But you need to discover them for yourself. The best way to do that is to stop wasting any more of your precious time and even more of your precious life, and take action right now. You can be dancing next weekend, but only if you take the first step.

When you consider all the advantages to this amazing and awesome activity, it’s no wonder Salsa is the most popular dance on the planet. It’s also why I’ve been affectionately called the “Salsa Evangelist.” I want EVERYONE, especially you, to experience and benefit from it!!

So don’t wait another second. Your timing is perfect if you act right away. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Just do what you need to do right now to change your life for the better, and after that…

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